Brandon Pick '08, Bold National Co-Chair

bpickAreas of study: Economics and American Studies double major
Favorite class/professor: Functions of the Capitalist Enterprise with Professor Ed Bayone. The content was great, but Professor Bayone had a unique ability to engage all of his students and create a lively room full of discussion.
Best place to study: My room; I get easily distracted if I am around others.
Memorable moment: The cruise during Senior Week. There is a great picture of my group of friends with our arms intertwined while jumping up and down in a circle. The view of the Boston Harbor behind us is breathtaking and the ear-to-ear smiles that we have on our faces is a moment in time that I will never forget.
When I wasn’t in class, I liked to ...:  spend time with my friends; they were an incredible part of my Brandeis experience. The bond we forged still runs strong today. I don’t go more than 20 minutes without a response to the group email we have had since a month after graduation.
When I look back, I wish I had ... : the ability to do it all over again! It was a wonderful four years. If I had to do it again, it would be the same script -- the lessons I learned, the education I received and the friends I made. 
After Brandeis: I married my Brandeis bride, Marissa (Rubin) Pick ’07, during Hurricane Irene. I have been able to further my education as well, earning an MBA degree. I have been fortunate  to find a career that keeps me engaged and striving to learn more every day. I currently serve as vice president of investment research at BBR Partners, an $8 billion multi-family office in New York City. In more exciting news, we have our first child on the way in September!
How I stay connected: In addition to the group email, we attend alumni events in New York and make frequent trips to Waltham to watch sporting events or drive through campus to see the continued evolution. The newsletters and social media help as well. If you haven’t yet, make sure to like Bold on Facebook!
Why I give back: I give back because I have come to understand that if those who had preceded me had not given, I never would have been able to attend Brandeis. I did not appreciate this fact enough when I was 18, but I do now. I owe all donors a special thank you. I hope that the future generations of Brandeisians will enjoy the same experience that I had while at Brandeis. Brandeis is a special place; the experience there lives on and enriches your life for much more than just four years. 

Marissa (Rubin) Pick '07, Bold National Co-Chair

mpickAreas of study: American Studies major, Legal Studies minor
Favorite class/professor: I loved all of Professor Jerry Cohen’s American Studies classes, especially his course on conspiracy theory. I enjoyed learning about the JFK assassination a topic about which Professor Cohen’s passion really is infectious.
Best place to study: I loved to study in Goldfarb Library with my friends. We would bring plenty of caffeine and snacks when we had to hunker down for our big tests.
Memorable moments: I loved everything about Senior Week -- from kickball to our formal to spending the last moments of my Brandeis experience surrounded by my best friends. I also loved dancing the night away during Pachanga! and partying during Modfest (while it lasted)!
When I wasn’t in class, I liked to …: shop with my best friends. I have always been a bit of a shopaholic, and nothing can replace the importance of retail therapy! My husband, however, does not agree.
When I look back, I wish I had ...: traveled abroad! I played softball all four years so I didn’t want to miss our “fall ball” season, but I regret not traveling and immersing myself in another culture.
After Brandeis: I returned to school and completed my master of public administration studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University. I am currently the director of social media at the CFA Institute. I married my college sweetheart, Brandon Pick ’08 and we're proud parents to Lucas Emet Pick (born in 2014) and expecting another baby in January of 2017.
How I stay connected: My husband and I  try to attend events and visit campus as often as we can. We have remained close to our best friends from college, and regularly get together with our friends near and far. Brandeis has a very near and dear place in both of our hearts, and I envision staying connected for many years to come.
Why I give back: My grandfather attended Middlesex Medical School; my father, Richard Rubin, MFA'72, received a graduate degree from Brandeis; and my brother Lee '00 earned his bachelor’s degree from Brandeis so I have a lot of family history and ties to the University. I fell in love with Brandeis when I was a teenager the first time I visited my brother. Without Brandeis, I would not have met my closest friends, my husband or been fortunate enough to receive such a great education. It was a great experience for me, and I would like to help as many people as I can to enjoy the same experience.

Nate Rosenblum '10, Bold National Co-Chair

nrosenblumArea of study: Politics major
Favorite class/professor: Packaging the Presidency with Eileen McNamara
Best place to study: Obviously the Green Room in Goldfarb Library! Or, if I was actually looking to study somewhere that didn’t have cell phone service, in the basement of the library.
Memorable moments: Some of my favorite memories are of being an Orientation leader! It was awesome having 100 of the happiest students on campus together to welcome in the new year and new first-year students.
When I wasn’t in class, I liked to … : do everything on campus -- like any good Brandeis student! I was involved with the Waltham Group, the Office of Admissions, Orientation, crew, Peers Educating about Responsible Choices (PERC), you name it. That was a huge part of my social life and I loved every minute of it. Sometimes I even slept in the Waltham Group office overnight.
When I look back, I wish I had … : joined Tron (men’s ultimate Frisbee team). I always wanted to do it and never did. I also wish I had done more with the Intercultural Center. 
After Brandeis: I went on to get my master’s degree in higher education administration and spent three years working in residential life at Washington University in St. Louis. I now work at the Jewish Federation of St. Louis in the community development department. I  have really enjoyed my work so far, as it has primarily focused on building community and supporting others.
How I stay connected: I stay connected mostly through my Brandeis friends and the Office of Student Life staff. I also try to read the Justice from time to time and drop by campus whenever I am in Boston. I am fortunate to be an Eli Segal Fellow, so I get the privilege of meeting new Brandeis students every year at our annual retreat.  
Why I give back: Brandeis means so much to me and was pivotal in helping me develop into the person I am now. The work that I do and the way I relate to others was influenced greatly by the friends I made, the professors who taught me, and the staff who mentored me. I don’t think any other university could have done what Brandeis did for me in those four years.