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Jimmy Luc '08: in action before 'Lights, camera...'

Jimmy Luc

By Julie Jette

If you watched a movie shot in Boston recently and admired the scenery, you may have Jimmy Luc ’08 to thank.

Over the past six years, Luc has worked on more than a dozen movies or television shows filmed in Massachusetts. He is currently working as a location manager and scout. Long before a movie director calls “action,” Luc has helped identify the places that fit the plot, negotiated with property owners and neighbors, and made sure the scene is ready for “action” — all while accommodating the people for whom that setting is real life, not moviemaking.

“You try to give directors and producers options, because what you conceptualize from the script might not be what the designer or director sees,” he said. “And then you have to make sure the location works for everybody — the director and producers and the people who normally work or live there.”

One project required him to find an old-fashioned drugstore soda fountain; he improvised by finding an ice cream shop that could be designed to look like a drugstore. Another project involved filming at three different high schools to create one fictional high school. Still another required him to find a reasonable facsimile of the Kennedy compound on Cape Cod, without actually using one of the world’s best-known family beach homes.

His work recently brought him back to campus to scout locations for an upcoming David Spade movie. The Shapiro Science Center wound up as the setting for one scene, giving a glimpse of Hollywood to researchers and staff who work in the glass-sided building over the summer.

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Date: July 6, 2017