Professors Michael Rosbash and Jeff Hall honored at Nobel Prize ceremony

Michael Rosbash receives the Nobel Prize from Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf
Michael Rosbash receives the Nobel Prize medallion from Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf. Below, Jeff Hall stands on the stage in Stockholm. (Photo: Associated Press)

It’s official.

From the hand of Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf, Brandeis professors Michael Rosbash and Jeff Hall each received an 18-carat gold medallion as recipients of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, the world’s most prestigious award for achievement in the life sciences.

They shared the prize with Michael Young of The Rockefeller University, who was also on stage to receive a medallion. All three achieved foundational breakthroughs in our understanding of the molecular mechanisms that run the internal biological clock in almost every organism on the planet. Rosbash is the Peter Gruber Endowed Chair in Neuroscience, and Jeff Hall is a professor emeritus of biology.

In a dazzling ceremony steeped in protocol, Carlos Ibáñez, a member of the Nobel committee which selects the winners of the prize in physiology or medicine, introduced the three laureates and described the impact of their research.

“The 2017 Nobel laureates have uncovered the mechanisms controlling truly fundamental processes in physiology — how our cells and bodies keep time,” said Ibáñez, a professor in molecular neurobiology in the Department of Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute. “Professors Hall, Rosbash and Young, your brilliant studies have solved one of the greatest issues in physiology.”

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Date: December 11, 2017