Inspired to advocacy by the Waltham Group

Max Parish '16 began volunteering with the Waltham Group’s Hunger and Homelessness program because he wanted to get involved with community gardening. It ended up opening his eyes to the stories of people experiencing homelessness and fostered a commitment to bring more attention and help to their struggles.

Parish stumbled upon the Waltham Group's recruitment night in the Shapiro Campus Center after a dinner with a professor at the Stein during his first year on campus. He was interested in gardening and asked whether any of the programs had a community gardening component to them. At the time, the only Waltham Group program with that kind of opportunity was the Hunger and Homelessness program's partnership with the Community Day Center of Waltham, so Parish signed up.

The center, located at 16 Felton St. in Waltham, offers services to people experiencing homelessness to help them find stability. Necessities like internet and phone access, health and legal consultation, housing referrals, and sometimes simply someone to talk to. As Parish began to have conversations with visitors to the center, it didn't take long for gardening to take a back seat. 

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Categories: Students
Date: September 19, 2016